“Make someone happy, and see how happy you’d become.”

Imagine a world without hunger; imagine being a part of creating that world. We know that you need a platform to act, and we are offering you this platform. Humans are not without hope if we have each other to hope on.

The millions of people, children inclusive, without proper healthcare, easy access to education, and clean water, in the Democratic Republic of Congo look to us for help. We have heard their call. Join us to learn about the various ways to provide the basic amenities that ensure a comfortable life for these people.

At ASBL LEF, we believe in the possibility of a world of freedom and equality for all people. This reason is why we have created this fraternity to ensure that our brothers and sisters in DR Congo and Luxembourg are enabled to exercise their human rights.

We understand that poverty is a challenge to human rights, and we seek to eliminate it through our collective effort. A poor man has no resources to exercise his right to a fair trial and political representation and the right to the basic resources necessary for survival. It becomes our collective responsibility to help create an enabling environment for all to achieve these rights. And it all starts with you!

While we do great things, we can have fun. Welcome to a world of cultural, sport, and social events hosted towards our shared objective of creating a better and equal world. Be part of our events as you open up your network and contribute your quota towards creating a better world.




In ensuring that every orphan in the Democratic Republic of Congo is catered to, we have created a plan to build orphanages across all the cities and towns in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more >>>



A measles outbreak in DR Congo in 2019 claimed more lives than Ebola. Measles is a disease with proven treatment across the world that made its mortality very low. Read more >>>



Children of primary school age are not in school. Of the few in school, forty-four percent (44) started late at age six (6). This is a cause for intervention. Read more >>>



It is heartbreaking that although the Democratic Republic of Congo houses over fifty percent (50%) of African water reserves, more than thirty-three (33) million rural dwellers lack access to clean and potable water. Read more >>>


Towards achieving the first phase of our objectives of providing healthcare, child welfare, education, and clean water to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we host various social, cultural, and sports events.


We understand that there is no community without people. The strength of humans lies in our togetherness, our ability to create united and progressive fraternities. We understand the individual strength of people and the value you can bring to us as a volunteer. We take volunteers for our different events and programs towards creating a global fraternity bonded in equality and liberty.


“Wherever we lift one soul from a life of poverty, we are defending human rights. And whenever we fail in this mission, we are failing human rights,” – Kofi Annan

We invite you to join us as we carry on with the fight to alleviate poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, knowing that doing so will means that we are collectively defending human rights. It is only a collective effort that will see us win in this fight, for we will lack in strength where we are divided. Everyone will not be rich, but we can redistribute our wealth to ensure the sustenance of everybody. It all begins with you. It all begins with your contribution to this cause of humanity.

You can donate for one or all of the global objectives. Kindly become a bonafide member by subscribing to us here.


Thanks to our supportive partners who have always been there for US.